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Advanced CCW Renewal Classes Now Available

Advanced CCW Renewal Classes Now Available

When we first get our CCW, it’s really easy to stay pretty committed to taking a few training sessions, and perhaps some practice at the public range now and again. However, for many CCW holders, they only go to the range every two years for their renewal class. What about CCW holders who do keep up on their skills, what kind of options do they have when it comes to taking a class that’s a little more challenging than the average weapons qualification? ONE on ONE Firearms has the answer… Advanced CCW Renewals.

We’re now offering Advanced CCW Renewals on select handgun training classes. Students not only will satisfy their requirements for their CCW renewal, they will also be able to get a LOT more shooting time in! The added benefit is the additional exposure to our top-rated professional firearms instructors. We can give each student more individualized attention in a full-day range class, than we can in a typical renewal class.

Enroll in our Handgun 2 or Advance Tactical Handgun (2-Day) classes, and you can use the class for your CCW renewal! Don’t just be an “average” CCW holder. Take the extra step and invest in yourself…


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