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Sean Young

Sean entered the shooting sports at an early age, taking up hunting as a teen. While he demonstrating above-average ability in his shooting skills, in 2010, Sean began the path to firearms mastery. He committed to an intense schedule of regular training on the range, immersion in the competitive action shooting sports, and he also sought out professional firearms instruction. Since then he’s shot and trained with many of the best instructors in the world in the pursuit of continuously improving his defensive and competitive firearm skills. As a competitive shooter, Sean has risen through the ranks of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), earning Master Class honors in multiple divisions, and is a regular contender at the National Championships each year. Sean’s also an active USPSA and multi-gun shooter.

As an Instructor, Sean brings  years of experience delivering effective adult learning in the “corporate” environment, as well as previous experience as an athlete/coach. He’s adept at working with students at all skill levels, and specializes in professional firearms instruction in all firearms platforms. Sean is a California Department of Justice Certified Firearms Safety Instructor, an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and an IDPA Chief Safety Officer.

Contact | (916) 960-7491 – [email protected]

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