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Introductory and Advanced Competition Classes
Taught by Experienced Competitive Shooters

Competition Classes

At ONE on ONE Firearms, we are big believers of shooting in competition. Competing in the action shooting sports is a great opportunity to “cross-train” our skills. Our instructors are highly accomplished competitors in numerous action pistol and multi-gun sports. We regularly compete in various shooting sports including IDPA, USPSA, 3-GUN, SASS, and more! We have shot with and trained with the best shooters and finest instructors in the world. Now it’s our turn to share those winning strategies with you. Our seasoned Instructors can work with students who are new to the shooting sports, or experienced shooting sports athletes who are looking to get to the next level.


1-Day | $100

Introduction to Competition Handgun: Designed for students new to the action shooting sports, and who want to get an overview of the sport in a safe and fun learning environment. The focus will be on International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) rules, but is beneficial for any student looking to get started in the action shooting sports. The class will cover safe firearms handling, firearms safety rules, and IDPA rules. This is NOT a beginning shooting class.

Competition Handgun Class

1-DAY | $220

Competition Handgun: If you are relatively new to IDPA (you’ve shot a few matches now), and want to come out of the gates running, or an experienced IDPA shooter looking to improve on your match standings, this class is for you! Our instructors are highly accomplished competitors in numerous action pistol and multi-gun sports.We’re Master Class shooters in IDPA, and have competed in Regional, State, National and World Championships. This is an intermediate to Advanced Class!

Competition Shooting Videos

Here are a few competition shooting videos of ONE on ONE Firearms team shooters competing in various IDPA matches at the local, state, national, and even world championship levels.


Send us an email ([email protected]) using the form below. Please be as detailed as you can be in your message, so that we may best address your needs. A member of our team will be in contact with you soon. See you on the range!

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