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Headquartered in Sacramento California, ONE on ONE Firearms serves Central and Northern California residents with beginning, intermediate, and advanced firearms training and gun safety classes. Our lives revolve around shooting and teaching. As professional firearms instructors, our mission is to create a safe, fun, and informative learning environment for all our students. We offer professional firearms instruction and classes for students seeking their California CCW or multi-state CCW from other states. We also offer group and private firearms instruction in handgun, carbine/rifle, and shotgun platforms.

At ONE on ONE Firearms we  strive to always be learning. You’ll never catch us teaching the “old dogma” that other instructors seem to keep teaching. We continuously train with and shoot with many of the best competitive shooters and/or firearms instructors in the world. We’re always searching for the next “better” way to shoot or manipulate firearms. At ONE on ONE Firearms, we continuously update our curriculum with whats the most modern and effective techniques for students of all skill levels.


In late 2009, ONE on ONE Firearms founder and President, Joe Truesdale retired from the corporate world where he’d managed multiple facilities and hundreds of people. Joe’s previous career had kept him away from his family for too long, and was looking for a change. It would have to be something he loved, and his new career would have to let him enjoy family life.

When Joe moved back to California full-time, he applied for a CA CCW, and asked around for instructor recommendations.  After listened to the consensus, he signed up with a popular instructor at the time.  When Joe and his wife and attended the class, they were shocked at the inability of the instructor to communicate, teach, or perform.  He was nothing more than a “blowhard in camo with a drop leg holster” … clearly in it just for the money.  He conducted an 8-hour and 16-hour class simultaneously, finishing in about 6 hours…  When asked him about his business, the instructor said “It’s a license to print money.”  Clearly, one can’t begrudge someone a successful business, but this instructor’s motivation was not the student’s education.

Joe had started shooting competitively, mostly IDPA in 2005.  It rekindled his childhood shooting passion, and the awards started to stack up.  The light bulb had been switched on!  Joe decided to take his ability to communicate, honed from decades in leadership positions in the US Army and two of the largest transportation companies in the world, and match it with his passion for shooting.  The journey began…

Joe realized quickly that instructor ratings from the NRA would be important to offer professional firearms instruction. After successful NRA certification, and reviewing the NRA curriculum, Joe felt there had to be more. First, the NRA does not teach how to be a GOOD instructor, and secondly, there were so many other training opportunities out there when comes to shooting well and teaching efficiently.

Joe started traveling around the county training with the most recognized schools and instructors.  He also went to work as an instructor at a firearms academy in Nevada well known for its marketing…  Joe found the material dated, but the consistency of the presentation top notch.  In a short period, he’d put hundreds and hundreds of students in front of him, honing his skills as a firearms instructor.

ONE on ONE Firearms was officially launched in 2010. As Joe built the business plan, he knew that “personal, one-on-one attention to each student would be critical”. He offered private “golf pro” lessons, in addition to reasonably-sized, lower-cost group classes.  Instead of allowing classes to bulge at the seams, class sizes were capped. He then began a search for partners, not employees.  Joe would bring in talent to help build ONE on ONE Firearms LLC into the most respected and highest rated firearm training organization in Northern California.  Since then, Joe’s expressed his pride in bringing on business partners Sean Young (2014),  Fred Mowrey (2016), and Ryan Harrigan (2018).


Our Professional Firearms Instructors come from varied backgrounds. Each member of our team comes with decades of shooting experience, in a vast array of shooting disciplines. Our lives revolve around shooting… as instructors, as avid competitive shooters, and also as continuing “students of the gun.” Our Professional Firearms Instructors regularly train with and shoot with many of the best shooters in the world. Each ONE on ONE Firearms student will benefit from the unique approach our instructors take with shooters of all skills and abilities. Whether you are a brand new shooter, or an experienced firearms enthusiast, you can benefit in taking a firearms training class with ONE on ONE Firearms.  All our Instructors at ONE on ONE Firearms are NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, and California DOJ Certified Firearms Safety Instructors.

Joe Truesdale

Joe Truesdale was raised in the shooting sports world, and served in the US Army, Military Police Corps as an Investigator.  He’s a competitive action pistol and multi-gun shooter. Competing…

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Fred Mowrey

Fred was exposed to firearms at an early age, and has been an avid firearms enthusiast and hunter since he was a young man. Fred completed extensive training in law…

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Ryan Harrigan

Ryan has spent the last 20 years in the communications industry helping to evolve products and training to enhance voice and data services.   He has been a firearms enthusiast since…

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Send us an email ([email protected]) using the form below. Please be as detailed as you can be in your message, so that we may best address your needs. A member of our team will be in contact with you soon. See you on the range!

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