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Ryan has spent the last 20 years in the communications industry helping to evolve products and training to enhance voice and data services.   He has been a firearms enthusiast since he received his first pellet gun at the age of 6. He is an active competitive shooter in many competition firearms disciplines. which include IDPA, USPSA and Multi-Gun to name a few. Ryan is an advocate for the shooting sports and safe firearm handling.  He has trained with a multitude of firearms instructors from across country to absorbs as much knowledge as possible. As a competitive shooter, Ryan has traveled all over the country shooting in IDPA competitions.  He has become the Vice President of one of the largest IDPA clubs in the country. He has started a shooting team to help promote the benefits of training and shooting in a safe environment. As Certified NRA Instructor, IDPA Safety Officer and Chief Safety Officer, Ryan is always pursuing further education that will assist in all aspects of firearms training.  He has taken classes from the Red Cross to become certified in First Aid and CPR. As well as taking advanced combat medicine and EMT classes.

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