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We're Uniquely Skilled at Teaching Students Defensive Shotgun

Shotgun Classes

It would be a hard choice… but if you had to pick only one defensive firearms platform over all others in terms of versatility, it could easily be the shotgun. With a tremendous selection of ammunition, shotguns are effective for targets near, and far. Learn how to incorporate your shotgun into your home defense plan. ONE on ONE Firearms can teach you to be a better shotgun shooter, regardless of your experience level. From an equipment perspective, every shotgun is a “snowflake” in terms of how it “patterns” at different distances. Our courses cover shotgun setup, equipment, and accessory selection, and of course learning how/where YOUR shotgun shoots. Students taking a shotgun class with our professional firearms instructors at ONE on ONE Firearms have never left NOT wanting a shotgun in their defensive plan.

Shotgun 1 - Tactical Defensive Shotgun


Shotgun 1 | There are effective and proven means to evaluate your shotgun shooting technique, learn and practice new techniques’, and elevate your game. It’s called TRAINING! If you  want to run defensive shotguns like a pro, and also learn to KEEP it running when they stop working, this is the class to start with. In a short period of time, new shooters can go from having almost ZERO shotgun skills, to a level of competence far beyond the skill level of the average shooting enthusiast. 


Send us an email ([email protected]) using the form below. Please be as detailed as you can be in your message, so that we may best address your needs. A member of our team will be in contact with you soon. See you on the range!

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