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One On One Firearms is offering a Gift Certificate so you can give the gift of training to your loved ones.

Here’s how it works. When you purches a Gift Certificate, One on One Firearms will mail you a handsome Gift Certificate for you to present as a gift.
Class prices are determined at the time the Student books the class with One On One Firearms LLC.


CA CCW Renewal - Currently $125

Utah, Non-Resident CCW Class- Currently $150

Level 1 Pistol - Currently $150

Level 2 Handgun or Level 1 Shotgun or Level 1 Carbine - Currently $175

Two Hours of Private Range Training (weekday only) - Currently $200

CA CCW Initial Issue - Currently $250

If student is ready to take a more advanced class (prerequisites apply), or if prices go up in the future, student may apply the Gift Certificate towards the class they wish to attend, however the Student will have to make up any balance. The Gift Certificate is transferable.

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