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Get Started in the Action Shooting Sports

ONE on ONE Firearms is now offering students an introduction to competition handgun. If you’ve ever trained with an Instructor of ours, you know that we believe competition shooting “is the best way to inoculate yourself to stress with a firearm in your hands.” We are now offering a great opportunity for our students to get started in the action shooting sports. INTRODUCTION TO COMPETITION HANDGUN will be a class offered by ONE on ONE Firearms on nearly a monthly basis. The classes will typically be held on the first Saturday of the month.

This class is designed for students new to the action shooting sports, and who want to get an overview of the sport in a safe and fun learning environment. The course focuses on International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA.) Our instructors are Master Class shooters who regularly compete in sanctioned IDPA matches at the regional, state, national, and even world championship level. The course will cover safe firearms handling, firearms safety rules, and IDPA rules. Students will safely draw the pistol, and will shoot stationary, while moving, and from positions of cover. The desired outcome is that each student has the ability at the end of class to successfully navigate their first IDPA club match. Students will have the option to test their skills at the end of class, with the option of shooting the IDPA Classifier (additional $20) Successfully completing this class qualifies students to participate in an IDPA match with Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters.

For more information on scheduled classes, how to book a class, please call 916.960.7491 or click the image / link below.

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