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“From the first encounter with Joe, he makes you feel very much at ease.  He explains each of the steps that we need to accomplish in order to complete the training for the CCW Renewal.  At the range he begins by putting everyone at ease again, and explains the course of fire and what is needed to qualify.  He worked with me one on one to be able to correct any flaws I had in my shooting technique.  I appreciated this approach as I am not able to shoot very often, and it’s easy to fall into bad habits, which he corrected immediately.  By having Joe work with us individually, I found it much easier to qualify with the guns I brought.  Upon completion of the range training we went indoors for the second part of the CCW Refresher Course.  As we went through the areas of training, Joe made sure that we all understood the content of each section before moving on to the next. The class was 4 hours in length, and after class Joe remained in the classroom to answer any questions students were not clear on.  He went over each question until the student understood the concept.  I would highly recommend Joe Truesdale as an Instructor for any part of the CCW Refresher Training.”


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