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“I just completed my second CCW renewal class here at One on One Firearms.  Just like my first class two years ago, I paid the extra $25 for an additional 3 hours of drawing and shooting refresher instruction in the morning before the actual required 4-hour course.  Best $25 you can spend.  Joe Truesdale, the owner, is probably the best handgun instructor I have ever had, and I have had several.  His teaching methodology, not to mention his shooting skills, are second to none.  I have taken full weekend as well as week-long courses with other organizations, and I am an NRA certified handgun instructor myself, but Joe and his team are the BEST.  I must add that they are 100% safety-focused the entire time you are on or near the range.   This is a HUGE factor when selecting a training organization.  There were 10 of us on the firing line and three instructors to watch over everything.  Great Job…”


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