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My wife and I recently decided to obtain firearms and CCW permits.  Having had NO previous experience with handguns and wanting to get good training, we asked our friends who carry whom to go to for training.  Joe at One on One was highly recommended.  From our first contact with Joe at One on One we were impressed with his quick responses to our questions about his classes.  He was eager to help us start off on the right foot with training and advice about carry guns. The classroom experience was fun and informative.  Joe and Sean are excellent teachers who, clearly, are passionate about what they do and are constantly learning the best tricks and techniques to improve not only their performance with firearms but the performance of their students.  My wife and I feel that we learned all the law, handling techniques and situational awareness necessary to begin our journey into legal, law abiding citizens who execute their 2nd Amendment right to possess firearms.

The educational and qualifying range experience was also amazing.  My wife and I went from never holding a handgun before the class to performing at a level that would qualify us for our CCW permits.  There was plenty of range time to test multiple guns for us so that we could decide which guns to purchase.  We both look forward to returning to the range with Joe and Sean to complete the qualification with our own firearms in a few weeks.  BEST OF ALL WE HAD FUN AND FELT SAFE.

I cannot recommend One on One Firearms highly enough for all of your handgun training needs.  We look forward to attending additional classes with these world class instructors. (And perhaps in the future try some of the shotgun or carbine classes).  Thank you Joe and Sean!



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