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Northern California's Best CCW Training. Initial-Issue CCW Classes & CCW Renewal Classes Approved by Most Counties

California CCW Concealed Carry Training Classes

At ONE on ONE Firearms, we are your concealed carry experts. Over the years, we’ve help a lot of students satisfy their CCW training requirements. We’ve also helped them become better shooters along the way. Our top-rated CCW classes include gun safety, law, defensive mindset, threat avoidance, range instruction, weapons qualification (see video), equipment selection, and much more…

We are recognized by most Northern California counties and their issuing agencies as approved firearms instructors for the California CCW approval process. We offer approved CCW training classes for Sacramento County CCW, San Joaquin County CCW, Placer County CCW, Yolo County CCWNevada County CCW, Amador County CCW, and more…

2-DAY  |  $270

California Initial-Issue CCW Class | Our 16-hour California CCW class in conducted over two days. Day 1 occurs at our Sacramento classroom location. Day 2 begins on the range at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, and the class will then migrate back to our Sacramento-based classroom facility.  At the conclusion of class, students who have successfully completing the class & weapons qualification will be provided a certificate of completion and any required documentation specific to the agency issuing their CCW permit. *Fees for additional weapons qualification and applicable rage fees may apply.

Items Covered in This Course:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Ammunition Selection & Malfunctions
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Pistol Selection and Maintenance
  • Training Opportunities
  • The Defensive Mindset
  • State and Federal Law – Concealed Carry & Permissible Use of Force
  • Range Qualification
  • And MUCH more…
California CCW Renewal Class

4+ HOURS  |  $145

California CCW Renewal Class | Your issuing Police or Sheriff’s Department requires that all CCW holders renewing their license attend and pass a CCW training course. The curriculum for that course must include lessons on gun safety, permissible use gun laws, a written exam and a shooting proficiency exam. Our class is designed to exceed the curriculum requirements set by your issuing county / jurisdiction.

Items Covered in This Course

  • Firearms Safety
  • Malfunctions
  • Training Opportunities
  • State and Federal Law – Concealed Carry & Permissible Use of Force
  • Range Qualification
    And MUCH more…


Send us an email ([email protected]) using the form below. Please be as detailed as you can be in your message, so that we may best address your needs. A member of our team will be in contact with you soon. See you on the range!

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